Our Philosophy

Making home a happy and beautiful place

We offer safe and eco-friendly children's furniture while maintaining a high level of product quality at affordable prices. When we talk about quality, we mean it in the broadest meaning of the word through eco-friendly materials, long product life cycle, non-toxic paints and finishes, and thoughtful design down to the smallest detail.
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Our story
Furnitu speaks directly to the hearts of parents and children. A few years ago, we realized that the supply of quality children's furniture in the local Indonesian market was quite scarce. This prompted us to establish Furnitu, so that we could produce high quality furniture at affordable prices for families and children. Quality is not always expensive.

Furnitu is a family business that offers its customers the know-how acquired over many years of experience in carpentry and furniture for many well-known national and international companies. We want to furnish your homes with the beauty of sustainable wood: the wood we use, in fact, is eco-friendly, chemical-free, as well as the paint used for the finish, which is water-based. Our goal is to provide children with furniture they can enjoy in safety and happiness. That's why we've selected quality brands with excellent safety features for our hardware.

Creating furniture that has a positive impact on children’s development is what drove me to start Furnitu. Being a father myself and seeing our daughter enjoying the furniture that we have created is priceless and I want to share that with as many families as possible.

- Tim Spanjaart

We also provide the possibility to produce custom made furniture based on your ideas and following our quality standards!

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we will turn that into a design


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have your precious little one enjoy the new furniture

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Furniture that tells a story

To create quality children's furniture, at Furnitu we use professional machinery to ensure the precision and uniformity needed for quality, carefully designed furniture. This is combined with our experience in the industry that contributes to the creation of high-end children's products.

The processing of our sustainable, chemical-free wood is divided into five phases

1. Cutting: we entrust this all-important phase to experienced hands, capable of proceeding to cut the furniture making sure each piece is smooth, uniform and uniquely designed.

2. CNC: Thanks to computer numerical control, we carve and mill programmed designs from our quality wood.

3. Finishing: At this stage we apply treatments to protect the material from deterioration and, most importantly, our eco-friendly water-based varnish. 

4. Quality inspection: we follow every step of the development of our furniture step by step so that we can always guarantee pieces of the highest quality.

5. Packaging: at this point our furniture is ready to arrive in your homes.

Tim Spanjaart
Dewi Spanjaart
professional pRODUCT TESTER
Nora Spanjaart
We are a small, talented and slightly obsessed team.
We have a taste for the timeless to construct things so that they’ll outlast a lifetime.
We are always looking for the right balance.
We source sustainable materials only.
We minimize our waste in every step.
We strictly use sustainably sourced natural materials.
We make room for life. For people.
We do all of this in an intelligent way.
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