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Two chairs with a table in the middle. They are small because they are designed for children.

Personalize your kid's furniture with their favorite colors

Two kids that are using a small wooden slide. This piece of furniture was specifically designed for indoor use.
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Decor your child's dreams with wood beauty: choose quality with children's furniture from Furnitu.

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A big book case filled with toys and books for children.

Did you know that…

Furnitu cares about the environment: we use only high-quality, chemical-free wood
Furnitu cares about children's safety: for hardware, we have chosen only quality brands to ensure high safety standards.
Furnitu has affordable prices: we care that our furniture can reach as many people as possible, without ever forgetting the quality of the product.
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Furniture that tells a story: our furniture is designed with style, attention to detail and love.

A set of chairs and a table for children. The top of the table can be turned around, so it has a black cover that can be drawn on with chalk.
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